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About Us

Who we are

Eventist is a progressive event management and PR consulting company, which has been founded in 2007. Our office is located in Kandilli, at Bosphorus - Istanbul.

Eventist is an “A Group” travel agency having the authorisation by Rep. of Turkey Ministry of Culture & Tourism and TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies). We operate in organizing, planning, implementing all kinds of corpoarate events, conventions, incoming/outgoing tours and company meetings.

Our vision
Enrich your life and make it more colorful.

Our Mission

Facilitate our clients’ lives with the solutions with value-creating events.

Our Values

  • Eventist’s Current Clients and targets of our business development strategy
  • Our Human Resources, Eventist team
  • Our Service Providers / Solution Partners

Our Principles

  • Ethics -€“ Having strong business ethics, being trustworthy and honest.
  • Vision -€“ Innovation, research in alternative and creative solutions.
  • Empathy -€“ Understanding and adopting customers expectations every step of the way, not only in the analysis and research part of the project, but also from the initial proposal on.
  • Nature -€“ Eventist is persistent on maintaining an original and self-improving nature.
  • Teamwork -€“ We believe in the importance of teamwork in harmony and respect to knowledge focusing on team success.
  • Investing People -€“ €“ Not forgetting that satisfaction of participating people are the main and ultimate goal of events.
  • Synergy -€“€“ Giving value to various ideas emerging during the planning and creative processes.
  • Tecnology -€“ Tracing and implementing new developments in all aspects.